Monday, 31 October 2011

Hannah's ATC party

We have a bit of a tradition in our house for doing 'different' birthday parties, something you wouldn't necessarily get from your local sports centre . We've done fairies, mermaids & teddy bear parties but my eldest daughter is growing up and decided this year she wanted an ATC party - great idea! Only problem is my wonderful creative daughter kept on having great ideas:  
I know, lets make the invitation an ATC! Yes, it could open out and have all the details in the middle!

Let's have different challenges in gold envelopes with different stash for each envelope 

and books to decorate and keep all our ATC's in!
Oh and by the way can I have an ATC birthday cake with edible glitter on it?!
Of course I could have said no at any point but I'm not sure that's in my vocabulary when it comes to my girls!! Anyway, it was great fun even if it was a lot of work!!

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