Sunday, 2 August 2009

Black and White

I took Hannah into the woods for a photo shoot, although she got bored quickly, she was very good at trying out different looks and poses.

This weeks task was post production, specifically trying out different techniques for converting to black and white. So two photos each converted to black and white firstly with the simple grayscale method and secondly by adding a levels and gradient map layer and making adjustments for each colour.
Grayscale method:

Layers method:

I much prefer the results of the second method because it gives more texture to the photos and allows me more control on how I want the shots to look.


  1. Hi Jennine. Excellent examples, you can really see the difference, can't you. I've not used the second method before, off to try that now. Well done

  2. Lovely photos and great as B+W. looking at this now makes me think I didn't do my layers attempt correctly. I don't understand what I should be doing..oh dear.

  3. Lovely shots of a lovely little fairy. Nice conversions too. Have a fabulous party :)

  4. Jennine I meant to say will you post some pics of the party up on your blog? I've enjoyed your theme and would love to see the end result of all your hard work! Is it soon?
    Clare x

  5. The party's on the 18th August and I will try to post some photos but as is always the case, I tend to get too engrossed in the party and forget the camera!
    Thanks for all the great comments, it makes such a difference to the course.

  6. def more pop to 2nd set of images & tends to be my preferred method too (smashing shots too)

  7. Great black & whites - they give the shots a timeless quality.