Saturday, 1 August 2009

London reflections

I had an amazing time in London taking lots of different shots and looking for reflections everywhere. I'm really pleased with the photos I got but the thing that really made my day was when Canary Wharf security stopped me and asked if I was professional - when I had stopped laughing, they seemed ok! (All photos straight from camera except for slight cropping and resizing)
Reflections of buildings:

I love the last of these best, although the edge near the trees is a bit dark, the colours of the water and sky are just great and I really like how the reflection came out.

Reflections of flowers:


  1. These are great Jennine - fab colours. It certainly helps having bright weather to capture reflections doesn't it!

  2. Love the reflection in the ball thing (second one in reflections of flowers). It's handy when they put something funky like that nearby, isn't it?

  3. i agree that is a killer shot that I'd be proud of Jennine - love it !!

    did LOL at the security guard comment